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Elegant design
Gas sensor&heat sensor
Ducted and recirculated
Non-disassembly and wash free
One-minute turn off delay


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  • Product Display

      • Black panel matches dark brown glasses in reverse “smile” pattern, simple, handsome, and approachable.Fashionable appearance and elegant outline.It can be matched with any kinds of kitchens.
      • Touch buttons, sensitive operation, easy start.Not so easy to hide grease in the seams of mechanical buttons.
      • Interior cavity spray coating technology, easy wiping and cleaning
  • Technical Analysis

    Double strength core 2.0, surging power
      • 360° convection without dead area, quick exhaust, no escape of oil smoke.There is no smoke escaping from your kitchen.
      • Efficient extract, quick exhaust, no remains.Help you to keep your kitchen always in a clean status.
      • 2-level air blowing, max. blowing rate of 1020m/hr, high energy, no visible oil smoke.It can meets all of your cooking styles.
      • Extra wide air volute: Increased volute size and air entering both sides make the smoke smoothly discharged.A large amount of smoke can be collected into the range hood.No smoke escaping.
      • Patented electric motor mid-placed technology, lessening current loss caused by asymmetric structural current flow, higher efficient absorption.
  • Free-Removal Cleaning

      • Integrated A++ oil strainer, 95% oil separation ratio, efficient filtration of oil smoke.No oil will go into the inner cavity.You just need to clean the oil mesh but don’t need to repair or cleanm the inner cavity.
      • Butterfly-shaped exterior strainer, broad-top-and-narrow-bottom oil guide, ensure oil dropping into oil cup.
      • Amber apparent oil cup,it is visible.So you can easily see whether the oil cup need to be cleaned.
      • Oil-repelling nano-coating, once for all cleaning protection, no oil stains remain in interior cavity.
  • User Friendly Design

      • 1min delay extract, eliminate residual oil smoke in the kitchen, start smoke-free life.
      • Turn on automatic button, power on, gas sensor and heat sensor detect ambient change and enables exhaust function.It is the highlight of A812,a very intelligent design.
      • Soft LED lighting technology, energy-saving and non-polluting, lighten the beauty of kitchen.Bring you bright and warm cooking environment.

Technical Parameter

Dimensions(WxDxH) 895x520x568~968(mm)
Noise Level ≤58dB(A)
Maximum Static Pressure 310Pa
Motor Power 200w
Grease Separation Rate ≥90%
Net Weight of Unit 25kg



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