• Combi Steam Oven CQ751
  • Combi Steam Oven CQ751
  • Combi Steam Oven CQ751
  • Combi Steam Oven CQ751
  • Combi Steam Oven CQ751
  • Combi Steam Oven CQ751

More moist in roasting, more tender in steaming
150℃ high temperature steam
Multi-stage cooking setup
Preset recipes
16 Modes


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Roasting with steam mode,can adjustable food humidity.Feel eligible to add certain amount of steam in the roasting mode, so that the humidity and taste of food can be regulated to cater to different needs of family members for flavors 4 steaming modes,different temperature for different ingredients. ①High temperature steaming mode at 150℃②Nutrition steaming mode at 100℃③Tender steaming mode at 95℃④Low-temperature fermentation Multi-stage combination mode It has a multi-stage combination of steaming and baking, including steaming before roasting and roasting before steaming. All you need is just one click of the button to automatically complete the steaming and roasting instructions. 5 practical auxiliary functions ①Defrosting  40-80°C②Sterilization with high temperature steam③Automatic spraying steam④One-button-click to remove stains with nothing to worry about⑤Heated-air drying and internal cavity moisture

Technical Parameter

Dimensions(WxHxD) 595×455×520(mm)
Full installation(WxHxD) 600x460x565(mm)
Semi-installation(WxHxD) 560×450×550(mm)
Power Rating 2400w
Capacity 40L
Net Weight 37.3kg



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