• 3D Flame Series
  • 3D Flame Series
  • 3D Flame Series

4.5kW Heat flow rate
High quality copper burners
112 Flaming holes with muti angle makes the fire well-distributed
Easy cleaning with removable burner
8mm Tempered glass surface
Flame failure protection


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  • Fashionable Appearance

      • 8MM high strength, explosion proof and tempered glass panel, easier to clean.
      • Runway manual control knob, exquisite metallic texture, enjoy the delicacy as you control.
      • Sail boat type grill, double flat and sharp usage, joyful cooking as you wish.
      • C shape easy cleaning plate, so easy that one wipe cleans all.
      • Before leaving the factory, seven inspection procedures are ignition inspection device; fire inspection; Air Tightness Inspection; Protection Device Inspection; Burner Inspection; Appearance Inspection; Machine Commissioning Inspection.
      • Our products use black toughened glass panels that are several times stronger than ordinary glass, 3 to 5 times stronger in bending and 5 to 10 times stronger in impact than ordinary glass, the higher the strength, the safer the use, the greater the load bearing capacity, the better the friability, even if the toughened glass damage also has no acute angle of the small debris, the harm to the human body greatly reduced. Compared with ordinary glass, the heat resistance of toughened glass is 2 ~ 3 times higher, and can bear the temperature difference of toughened glass 150LC or above, which has obvious effect on preventing heat burst.
      • For other brand, sometimes, gas hob will cause yellow flame, red flame or blacken bottom, it’s reason that traditional gas hob can’t supply air effectively and air can’t enter the burning center, low efficiency and CO abnormal emission;
      • For other brand, usually, there are 2 problems, firstly, it can’t burn completely, secondly, the thermal power is not enough;
  • 3D Fire Technology

    Control The Fire Easily
      • Meet your demand of frying, simmering, steaming and boiling.
      • 0 Delay of ignition.
      • Without waiting , delicacy prepared in just seconds.
      • Brand new dimensional fire
      • Robam dimensional burning technology, accelerating the preparation of delicacy with extreme velocity.
  • Extreme Details

      • paddle adjustment of air
      • humanized conjunction design
      • copper texture base
      • movable stove burner

Technical Parameter

Product Size(WxDxH) 760x450x162(mm)
Cutout Size(WxD) 703x403(mm)
Surface 8mm Tempered Glass
Wok burner 4.5kW
Gas Type Natural Gas / LPG
Flame failure device YES



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